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Merry Christmas


Tiny Wooden Figures

© Rick W. Cotton

Published: December 22, 2017

Over in the corner, ‘neath the Christmas tree’s green,
Are the tiny wooden figures, our Nativity scene.
Each tells a story, each plays its part.
Each holds a special place here in my heart.

Down from the attic, unwrapped with great care,
It just isn’t Christmas if they’re not there.
They’re faded and dented, their paint chipped away,
But the love they stand for is as fresh as today.

And as the years go by and our days grow few,
Outside we grow older, inside we grow new,
And the tiny wooden figures are a symbol of love,
Of the grace and the peace of our God above.

By the side there stands Joseph, keeping watch in the night
The smile on his face, a reflection of light
In the hay kneels sweet Mary, so gentle and mild
So willing to sacrifice, all for her child.

And as the years go by and our days grow few
Outside we grow older, inside we grow new,
And the tiny wooden figures are a symbol of love
Of the grace and the peace of our God above.

In the hay, Baby Jesus, His arms opened wide.
The same way He lived, the same way He died.
Now He stands up in Heaven, and He holds the door wide,
And He says, “Welcome children! Welcome inside!”

And as the years go by and our days grow few
Outside we grow older, inside we grow new,
And the tiny wooden figures are a symbol of love,
Of the grace and the peace of our God above.

Over in the corner, ‘neath the Christmas tree’s green,
Are the tiny wooden figures, our Nativity scene.
Each tells a story…each plays its part.
Each holds a special place….here in my heart

The staff here at Storage Pros would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas. We hope that you enjoy your family and are filled with laughter and cheer to last throughout the whole year.  Merry Christmas and have a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.





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Business After Hours


Storage Pros is starting its 2nd year and we are excited to get the word out about who we are, what we offer and where we are located. We decided to take a chance and throw a small get together to bring the community out for a little food, music and fun. Join us on Tuesday May 9th, 2017 for a tour of our beautiful facility, food, music and a few games. The event starts at 5:30p.m. and will end at 7:00. Bring a friend and join us on Tuesday for a little fun in the sun. See ya there!

Bright air balloons



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Spring Cleaning? No Big Deal!

As winter begins to ebb and the warm spring winds start to blow, many of us are eager to pull out the warm weather attire and put the stuff from fall and winter into storage. While making this move, it is a great time to get some cleaning done. There are a couple of ways to approach this task, and both can be made easier utilizing self storage.

Most people feel dread when they read or hear the term “spring cleaning.” Most of us don’t enjoy doing house work.

Try this one quick idea for doing spring cleaning:

  • Gather up those old tubs or boxes sitting in your garage and start going room to room, packing away anything you think you will not need for a while.
  • Label each tub or box, so you can easily identify its contents later.
  • Take the boxes/tubs and stack them in your self storage unit.
  • Dust.
  • Vacuum under and behind furniture.
  • Clean windows.

DONE! You can tackle the entire house over a weekend with this method!

What is the other method for spring cleaning? If you’d like to do a more thorough cleaning, take a few weeks with the following method.

  •  Go through the house and get rid of things you no longer need. Make piles. Some will go to someone else. Some will go into the trash. Others will go for recycling. Do a room a day or every other day. Don’t worry about cleaning at this point.
  • Go into the closets and storage spots. Pull everything out and clean the space. The only things that go back into the closet is what you need for the coming season. Put the off-season items into boxes or tubs, labeling each. Take these to your self-storage unit.
  • Go through your home doing the spring cleaning a bit at a time. You can tackle it room by room. Clean the curtains and drapes. Clean the carpet. Dust everything. Polish the furniture. Clean the windows. You will have clean, fresh home without the off-season items cluttering up your living space.
  • When fall arrives, you can pack up your warm weather stuff and put them into storage, after pulling out your cold weather gear.

If you need a storage space, or help deciding what size you might need, or a truck to haul your off season items to your unit, give us a call here at Storage Pros, 919-989-PROS

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Self Storage for Business Owners

As a business owner, responsibilities grow with your business, and so does the space you may need to efficiently operate your business. With the prices of commercial properties at a premium, you may not be able to afford to move your business to a new location or build onto your existing. That’s where utilizing self-storage facilities can be advantageous to you and your growing business.

Let’s take a look:

  • CONVENIENT: Storage facilities offer extended access hours, allowing you to get what you need in a timely manner. Being able to retrieve documents or items before, after, or during your regular business hours is important.
  • GREAT FOR SERVICE INDUSTRY: So you operate a business that rents bouncy houses and don’t have a space to store them? Self storage units have secure space for you.
  • FILE STORAGE: Government regulation requires businesses keep certain documents for periods of time, often years. Free up space in your office by keeping your documents in self storage units. Put locking file cabinets in your unit for added security.
  • EXCESS STOCK: So you’re a furniture dealer and just received an order of 100 leather couches and have nowhere to store them? Self storage could be your answer. Or a carpet distributor and you have 100 rolls of shag carpet that you aren’t sure where to put? Self storage could be your answer.

It doesn’t matter what city you are in, self-storage units are designed to work with your needs. Whatever size your operation, there’s a space for you.  It really depends on your usage and how often you will access the unit. If it’s on a consistent basis, that may be your best option. If you plan to use the unit for a significant amount of time, Storage Pros offers discounts on long term rentals.  As your business grows and you eventually move into a private office, you may still need a storage facility to house certain things. You’d be surprised how many businesses use self-storage. Businesses need extra space, just like regular folks.

With 24 hour video surveillance and keycard access into our indoor units, Storage Pros is ready to supplement your business square footage with a space at our secure facility. Give us a call today!

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Storage Pros, now with U-Haul!

We are excited to partner with U-Haul as an affiliate U-Haul dealer, offering dependable trucks, trailers, and other moving equipment right from our storage facility.

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, our staff is ready to assist you from start to finish in your U-Haul equipment rental process, and can even help you find and reserve equipment at other locations across the country.

Moving to town? Drop off your U-Haul equipment with our friendly staff! We can secure a storage unit for you in our facility while you settle into town!

Stop by our office or give our us a call today at 919-989-PROS to reserve your truck, trailer, storage unit, or parking space today!